Microsoft Azure And Google App Engine Essay

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Data location and data segregation are of importance in the cloud, given the disparate physical location of shared computing resources. It is a possibility that cloud users be under statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations to ensure that data is held and managed in a certain way. To understand where the data is stored in the cloud, a person must what type of cloud deployment models there are in use. There are four different cloud deployment models that are used in the cloud computing environment. The four models are private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and community cloud. A private cloud can be owned or leased and managed by the organization or a third party and exist at on-premises or off-premises. A public cloud is an infrastructure is provided to many customers is managed by a third party and exist beyond the company firewall, examples would be Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine. A hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more cloud deployment models, which links data in such a way that the data transfer takes place between them without affecting each other. An example of a hybrid cloud would be Amazon Web Services (ABS). The community cloud is a model that is shared by several organizations for a shared cause and may be managed by them or a third-party service provider and rarely offered cloud model. The cloud environment operating according to this model may exist locally or remotely. An example of a Community Cloud includes Facebook. Most customers
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