Microsoft Baidu Search Engine Optimization Strategies

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As a Chinese SEO, knowing the true benefit of a greater Baidu search engine optimization strategies is not only about search ranking, but also focal point on content marketing and usability.

Though usability is a design element, it could have implications for search ranking and user satisfactory. Too often, lots of business owner waits until after his website is completely finished before he is considering Baidu search engine optimization strategy. To avoid this from happening, I start you off with the basic Baidu SEO essentials, so you can easily implement 49 ways of getting more traffic and leads from a Chinese search engine.

Basic Baidu SEO

1. Stay Away From Politic & Social Issues

All together, your website must
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If you are targeting Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, your site should use traditional Chinese. By adding language tag on a web page, you are telling Baidu that your web page is focusing in that region. This is necessary if you focus on local SEO effort.

Taiwan Hong Kong and Macau Mainland China

5. Have a good domain name

You can choose use a combination of pinyin, number or keyword on your domain. This is strong correlation to increasing organic ranking.

6. Choose a fast, reliable web hosting

If you purchase a web hosting that is closed to the prospective Chinese customers ', we recommend that you shop for your web hosting in Hong Kong, Macau or Japan.

7. Have a faster loading website

Though Baidu prefers a fast load website, this also considers an important factor to your target customers. What’s more, the speed is one of many metrics to rank your website.

Case study for making Barack Obama’s website performance, 60% faster increased donation conversions by 14%.

8. Have a proper translation

The right tone and meaning does matter to the city or province you target for, it can yield better conversion rate. Read our article on How To Find The Right Chinese Translator.

9. Avoid non-crawlable elements

BaiduSpider cannot crawl and follow these items. Avoid them at all costs:
◦JavaScript for navigation
◦ Frame and iFrame
◦ Flash website
◦ Javascript text link

10. Have a
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