Microsoft Corporation, A Worldwide Software Corporation

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The Microsoft Corporation is a worldwide software corporation whose headquarters is in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft develops, manufactures, license and wires a wide range of products and services that are connected to personal computing. Microsoft is most remarkably known for its Windows Operating System(OS), Microsoft Office and Mobile products like Windows Phone and now tablets. Over the past 5 years or so, Microsoft has fallen behind with is world-wide supremacy. For example, even though Windows OS is still the #1 operating system, it no longer leads by the border it once had. This is due to the better popularity of Apple iOS, Linux and Google Android and Chrome OS. Less than 10 years ago, Windows Phone was #1 with over 40% of the market share, now that market share has fallen to less than 5%. My premeditated plan is to help Microsoft raise its market share and gain a competitive frame. It will be significant to change the on hand technology approach to something more mutual and flexible. Microsoft has made billions of dollars production of great products at a great price, but the satisfaction of the past 5 years or threatens to weaken the company’s relevance in the future of computing. Even though Microsoft is still huge and competes strongly, Microsoft has not seen much product development outside of products like SharePoint and recently Windows Phone. If Microsoft doesn’t advance its technology approach soon, Microsoft will soon become a “…cross-reference in the

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