Microsoft Corporation : Developing Good And Reliable Software

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Company Overview Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) strides forward as they are currently the third most valuable company in the world. (Zachary, 2015) The company managed to play one of the biggest roles in the revolution and the introduction to advanced technology. Microsoft is known for developing good and reliable software for their clients, which are necessary for corporate infrastructure, running machines, databases, accounting, or even security. (Zachary, 2015) The simplicity of understanding what their products are for has allowed Microsoft to be successful. Just like most companies, Microsoft has had its rises and falls but has managed to become a billion dollar company and software worldwide leader. History In 1975 two best friends from Seattle, Bill Gates, and Paul G. Allen formed the company Microsoft. The company was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico when Gates and Allen were only 19 and 22. The company began by converting and refining BASIC (a mainframe computer language) and creating other programming languages. In 1980, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) asked Microsoft to develop the operating system for their first personal computer. Microsoft then bought another operating system from a company, altered it and named it the MS-DOS. Their operating system was released on the IBM PC in 1981, which lead to most manufacturers using MS-DOS as their devices ' operating system. By the early 1990 's, Microsoft sold well over 100 million copies

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