Microsoft Corporation : The Global Computer Technology World

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Microsoft Corporation is a leader in the global computer technology world. To be a leader in today’s technology world takes a lot of leadership and planning. The current management of Microsoft has set their mission and vison statements identical to set a standard for how they want to provide for their customers. The corporation uses cross-business strategies to get more ideas to span their products and further their technology. “Microsoft has changed their top executives over time and the current CEO of the corporation is Satya Nadella.” Today it has formed into one of the most successful companies in the technological world. “Microsoft currently operates in 109 countries and has 646 office sites in the world. The company also employs…show more content…
“The top executives in Microsoft all set their plans to complement one another because they all want to make sure that everyone is focused on the same goal: to help individuals find their full potential.” Most of the company’s top executives have been working in the company for many years before they obtained the top positions in the company. The senior leaders in the company all work together with cross-business and cross-engineering teams to make sure the company is solving problems with their products. “Microsoft recently named Kurt DelBene head of corporate strategy and planning. In the past, he was president of t the Microsoft Office Division and was promoted because of his customer solutions and business strategy background.” Kurt was in charge of Microsoft Office, Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project, and Visio before he took the position of president of corporate strategy and operations. His experience was something that Microsoft looks for when hiring its top officials. Bill Gates once said, “I don’t hire fools.” Microsoft sees talent and they make sure that all their top officials have traits that will benefit the company. The strategic, operational, and tactical planning lead by the different levels of management of Microsoft all complement one another because all the levels of the company work together to come up with more ideas and ways to
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