Microsoft Corporation : The World 's Biggest Software Company

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History Microsoft Corporation is the world’s biggest software company, best known for Disk Operating System, Windows Operating System, and software such as Office. The name “Microsoft” comes from the combination of microcomputer and software. It was founded by childhood friends, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It all started after they converted BASIC, a popular computer programming language, for use on an early personal computer, the Altair. This inspired them to start their own software company. Their first successful operating system was Microsoft Disk Operating System. In 1983 they released Microsoft Windows which was a great achievement for the company. (Facts About Microsoft , 2015) In 1989 Microsoft Office was released and it was huge. They later when on to create Internet Explorer, the Xbox gaming system and many other programs, making Microsoft Corporation the leading company in software and the great company that it is today.
Voice Integration Business has so far advanced that integration of telephone and computer messaging systems is a necessity. Voice integration is the combining of computer and phone systems to create a more productive and convenient messaging environment. Integration of voice and data technologies has accelerated rapidly in recent years because of both supply and demand-side interactions. On the demand side, customers are taking advantage of integrated applications such as voice applications, and on the supply side, sellers have been able to take…
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