Microsoft Hyper-v Virtualization System Essay

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As we all know virtualization is the requirement of future. We have evolved from the age of traditional environment to virtual environment.We have grown accustomed to almost all things virtual from virtual memory to virtual networks to virtual storage.The most widely leveraged benefit of virtualization technology is server consolidation, enabling one server to take on the workloads of multiple servers. For example, by consolidating a branch office’s print server, fax server, exchange server, and web server on a single windows server, businesses reduce the costs of hardware, maintenance, and staffing.
In 2008, Microsoft released hyper-v, its first bare-metal hypervisor-based technology, built intowindows server 2008. …show more content…

Parent partition requests the hypervisor to create a child partition. Child partition can’t access the resources directly whenever it needs anything it is routed through parent partition and child partition are not able to create any new partition.
• Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) :-
Hyper visor has the concept of CSV which allows virtual machines running on different hyper-v servers to simultaneously access their virtual hard disks (VHD) stored on a shared LUN.
• Dynamically Expanding Disk :-
It is a type of VHD disk which expand when more data is stored in it but do not shrink when data is deleted.
• Fixed Disk :-
It is the type of disk in which the space is fixed. it doesn’t matter how much data you store.
• Guest Operating System :-
The operating system which operates inside the virtual machine running on child partition.
• Hypervisor :-
Hypervisor is the virtualization layer which is responsible for the virtualization. a virtualization platform that allows multiple virtual machines to run on a physical host at the same time

• Parent Partition :-
Parent partition is also known as root is responsible for creating new request hypervisor create new partition and it can only be one parent partition
• Templates :-
Template is like the master copy of the machine which is used to create new virtual machines.
• Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) :-
Virtual hard disks are used to store the data

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