Essay on Microsoft-Intuit Synergy Case Report

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Microsoft/Intuit Synergies
There is a great deal of synergy between the Microsoft and Intuit that would be beneficial for Microsoft if an acquisition were to take place. Intuit’s position in the personal finance market would lend a considerable benefit to Microsoft given their difficulty in that market. Microsoft would also be able to take advantage of the similarity in their products and use their considerable marketing advantages to enhance the revenue created by Intuit. In 1994, Bill Gates envisioned an emerging future market as an online marketplace to handle consumer needs. In order for Microsoft to develop its capability to control its own destiny in online entertainment and commerce, it needed to acquire additional core
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It would be important for Microsoft to identify the resources from Intuit necessary to maintain their advantage in the market place. This may mean integrating some high level managers and software developers from Intuit and allowing them access with marketing arm of Microsoft in order to gain an even greater revenue enhancement.
In order for Microsoft to be able to reach the goals set by Bill Gates, they must use their considerable resources efficiently to create a place in each market for the online consumer. If they wish to produce and offer online services such as electronic mail, information data bases, personal finance management, video on demand, and electronic commerce, then acquiring firms already specialized in at least some of these areas is the most efficient way to do so. Intuit’s products align with Microsoft’s without significant overlap such that the combined firms would provide a handsome horizontally integrated suite of products with prime market share positions including word processing (49% market share), spreadsheet (48% market share), tax preparation, accounting, banking, and bill paying which would all open up the prospect of continued online grazing by the user leading to repeat sales to Microsoft’s video on demand and future entertainment market. The larger objective would be to capture the user in a web to conduct direct financial transactions over the

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