Microsoft Monopoly

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A monopoly is the exclusive possession or control of the supply or the trade of a commodity or a service. An example of a monopoly is when the U.S markets were more monopolistic than there utilities. Another example of a monopoly is when the US took Bill gates to court. The reason why Bill Gates was taken to court by the United States is because Novell has sued the company of Microsoft in the year of 2004. Also the charge was that the company has violated one of the U.S. antitrust laws.

The merger that brought about the charges is that there was a big battle the two processing softwares of Microsoft and WordPerfect. The battle between the two was about Novell complaining the Microsoft has done nothing but abuse its monopoly of PC. It abused its power by adding browsing functions into windows 95. Novell has also said that the company has engaged into some strange activities. One example is Microsoft has been integrating its own products like its own browser technologies into an operating system in an exclusionary manner. The appeal of the trial was that Gates has made the claim that WordPerfect was excluded because he said that it was the reason the windows 95 crashed in the first place. This appeal was by gates.
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The settlement to this trial is that Microsoft had to share their application interfaces with all of the third-party companies. The settlement also means that Microsoft also have to share it three people who have all of the access to microsoft including all of their records, systems, and source code. This part of the settlement happened in the year of 2001 on November 2nd. Their obligations for this settlement expired on November 12th in the year of 2007. They did agree on a two year overtime for their last and final judgement. The final judgement was dealing with the communications protocol
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