Microsoft Office For The Home And The Workplace

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Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.) is by far the best productivity suite currently available for the home and the workplace. It is the total package when it comes to handling budgeting, payroll, inventory, etc. for businesses and home use. There are however free alternatives which share a lot in common, so let’s look at the pros and cons and decide for yourself which is the better solution. Most choose Microsoft Office as the best so let’s compare. How does Microsoft Office (i.e. 2013) and free open source alternatives (i.e. LibreOffice, OpenOffice) compare? The predominant business offering, Office from Microsoft, inevitably yielded some prominence when a reasonable open source contender, OpenOffice, developed and took after an alternate open source choice, LibreOffice. How do these alternative open source programs fair in comparison from the Microsoft Office? Bothe open source suites offer an instrument called “Base” which is like that of Access from Microsoft, an apparatus called Draw (like Visio), and a mathematical statement proofreader called Math, while Microsoft office incorporates the desktop distributed Publisher. The ones to be talked about in this paper are the following: handling (word), spreadsheet (excel), and presentation (powerpoint) instruments.
What are the benefits of using either open source or commercial products? Before we take a gander at particular gimmicks of the contending suites, it might be useful to make a stride back
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