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Marketing Strategy : Marketing is a very unique set of doings which shows a great and valuable impact on the entire organization. The marketers and experts of these fields have developed three prospective of this after a deep sea research. This environment influences the organization directly. Caster guitar is a big name in the field of transporting the guitars worldwide .A company cannot sell its all products to a single customer or at a same market. The customers are many and they all are diverse according to their demand and buying requirements. This is why, each company needs to identify its market segmentation, market segmentation procedure, pattern of segmentation, basis of segmenting consumers and business market. Many companies use…show more content…
At the start, subcompact cars were the targeted strategy adapted by Toyota, which were small and easy to buy vehicles. Now, with the use of adjacent segmentation strategy, Toyota is able to move from one specific car manufacturing to another, relative to large cars, such as a station wagon. Toyota first expands its market by introducing Sedan cars which are large and luxurious than its previous cars . Porters Five Forces of Toyota: Target Market: Toyota seeks to attract a new type of consumer with the Matrix, one whoembodies a trendy, youthful edge, but also insists upon practicality andreliability. Using PRIZM®, Velocity Communications segmented the targetaudience into four components: Motivated Students, Aspiring Singles,ActiveIntellectuals and Domestic Achievers. This enabled us to dig deep into thetarget market’s motivations and habits and allowed us to develop an effectiveplan that truly speaks to our intended target markets.The members of the target audience are going places.They are 20–30 year olds who welcome the qualityand dependability that Toyota promises to bring totheir changing lives. They have expressed an interestin the cross-over utility market because such vehicles will accommodate their active lifestyles at anaffordable price. This youthful market is highlyeducated and thinks both critically and progressively.Like the Matrix, these young men and women are practical, innovative and prepared for the road
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