Microsoft Office Suite Offers Applications

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1. Microsoft Office Suite offers applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft OneNote & Microsoft Outlook. Tony’s can utilize these applications to generate contracts, track orders & listings, communicate with customers and generate reports. These programs will contribute to the productivity of the process flow and complement each other greatly. Microsoft Word offers several in built templates that can be used to generate contracts at no extra cost. Once these templates are created with Word, Tony’s will use Outlook to send the contracts electronically to customers. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office does not utilize electronic signatures, so while Tony’s will track contracts status better it will still…show more content…
Therefore Tony’s doesn’t expect to incur any recurring personnel costs as it there will be no pressing need to hire an IT support specialist. We performed a cost-benefit analysis (Figure 1) & projected Tony’s sales increase, recurring costs for the next 5 years and finally, the return on investment if it installs Microsoft Office. From our analysis, Tony’s should expect a modest sales increase of $24,000 over the course of Year 1. Based on evidence from similar investments, we attribute the increase in sales to Tony’s improved communication with clients and a more efficient Banquet Coordinator. Between Year 1 and Year 5, sales increase at a steady rate. Microsoft Office will put Tony’s in a better position than it currently is & in doing so will make the Banquet Coordinator’s tasks less difficult. Increased sales & more efficient business flow are crucial to Tony’s future success, however, Microsoft Office lacks some specific features that Tony’s needs such as Inventory Management, Costing & Recipe Management and an effective business process flow. 2. Utilization of a web based cloud suite such as Google Drive (Google Forms to generate contracts, Google Pages to track listings and to generate reports, Gmail to communicate to customers) Google Drive is a web-based cloud service similar to Microsoft Word that Tony’s can adopt to
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