Microsoft Office : The Market For Decades Essay

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Microsoft Office has been in the market for decades. All of us who learned how to use the computer started with the tech giant, Microsoft. However, with the rise of many other tech companies, Microsoft now earned its fair share of competition – Google.
Being an auditor for many years, I have utilized Microsoft Office in my daily work routine -- from writing reports in Word, to using Excel as my worksheet and then PowerPoint for presentation purposes. It is safe to say that I am very much familiar working on Microsoft Office. When I moved to the United States and studied Master of Business Administration, I found out that almost every group I participate in most of my classes uses Google Docs, instead of Microsoft Office.
But which of these two is better?
Let me start by providing a brief comparison of the two platforms. Both Microsoft and Google offer similar productivity applications:
Features Microsoft Office Google Apps
E-mail Outlook Gmail
Word Processing Word Docs
Spreadsheet Excel Sheets
Presentation PowerPoint Slides
Intranet Sharing SharePoint Sites, Groups
Instant Messaging, Video Call Lync Google Chat
When it comes to basic features, these two behave alike. Furthermore, both companies offer add-ons through a centralized marketplace that can customize and enhance a user’s platform. However, despite the similarity, Microsoft Office and Google Apps have some very different attributes. I will focus my discussion on three most common applications. Here’s my

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