Microsoft Positioning Strategy

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Brand positioning is essential to the success of any firm because it delivers a perception into the consumer’s minds which differentiates them from their competitors. Microsoft began to grow their brand over 20 years ago with Bill Gate’s an underlying vision of “a computer on every desk and in every home”. This resulted in Microsoft developing into a huge multinational company with personal computing at the forefront of their business. Microsoft dominated this industry for many years which is reflected in the high brand recognition of Microsoft products worldwide.

However, this dominance has slowly evaporated and Microsoft has failed to react to new
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Last month, Microsoft unveiled the Microsoft Surface 2. The product is targeting users who prefer to use their tablet for work purposes over leisure with built in Microsoft software, high storage and durable battery. The emphasis that the Microsoft Surface 2 is a “tool not a toy” provides a clear idea that Microsoft is targeting professionals who are interested in productivity. For now, we will just have to wait and see if Microsoft’segmentation strategy proves to be successful over the upcoming year.

THE BRAND AND COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES EXPENDITURE, MEDIA MIX, REACH AND EFFECTIVENESS. As a result of the wide spectrum of products Microsoft offers, they communicate to a wide customer base. The company has implemented successful brand and communication strategies throughout their range of products which vary across software, entertainment, devices and gaming etc. The modern media mix typically used by Microsoft includes television campaigns and the internet to generate reach, mobile to drive engagement and social media to spark conversations and generate virility. However, in contrast with the other sectors they operate in Microsoft holds a smaller market share in the smartphone and tablet industries. This means that Microsoft needs to implement branding and communication strategies that focus on gaining new customers rather than

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