Microsoft Project Essay

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Step-0 Don’t use iLab You don’t need to, as long as you have a copy of Microsoft Project installed on your computer (either because you already own it, or because you are using a work machine that has it, or because you downloaded your free unrestricted copy from DeVry, or downloaded a trial copy from Microsoft, whatever). Step-1 If you want to use the version in iLab…. 1. First we have to find it. It used to be a link in Course home called iLab [pic] Now we have to search it out (*sigh*). Soooo, select Student Resources from the left hand navigation at Course Home [pic] Step-2 in the About The|Hub box in the top right hand corner of the window click on iLAB [pic] Step-3 click on Go to Citrix Link…show more content…
I'm going to click on Users, then Don, then Desktop, and save by file there. (BTW, I never did change the default file name (now Project1) you probably want to change that name!) [pic] If you are on an XP box you will see something more like this: [pic] Click on documents and settings, then the folder with your name then desktop. NOW BACK to my Windows 7 screen shots… [pic] [pic] [pic] I normally save these iLab files on my desktop while I’m working on them - just to make things simple. NOTE You will be updating and saving your project file frequently. After you do the Save As process I documented above you just have to click on the SAVE button in the MSP button bar to save things as you go along in THAT Session. [pic] When you come back again tomorrow (or whatever) use the FILE OPEN dialog (using the same steps as above) get to MSP to open you desktop copy. Warning the iLab environment is a bit slow doing file open and closes…. Advantage - you don’t need Project 2010 on your desktop, and you can get to it from anywhere where you can get to the internet and the e-college
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