Microsoft: SWOT Analysis Of Microsoft

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Strengths :-
 Brand Value. Well known brand. More than 90% market share in PC industry.
 Dominance of Windows OS across world in Desktop computers.
 Easy to use software. Due to ease in use MS Office has penetrated deep into the market.
 Strong tie-ups with Hardware Industry such as Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba and Samsung and major computer retailers to make sure computers would be sold with already pre-installed Windows software.
 Better Acquisitions further increasing market share of Microsoft like Acquisition of Skype boosted the online presence of Microsoft. Weaknesses :-
 Few unsuccessful acquisitions and investments caused loss of revenues.
 Microsoft does not produce hardware and hence depends on other hardware suppliers.
 Windows OS is very prone to Viruses and attacks. So there is always a security risk using it.
 PC market has matured and hence reached to saturation. So, expected growth rate in this industry is not much. Hence, generating revenue has become difficult for Microsoft.
 R&D division of Microsoft is not that innovative in comparison to its competitors.
Opportunities :-
 Since , Cloud computing and Visualization is on boom these days Microsoft could expand its business in Cloud based services.
 Smart-phone
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For a new entrant to topple Microsoft from its position, it needs to have humongous software experience, customer loyalty and brand credibility. Unless one presents a radical invention that changes the way world works, it is very unlikely to disturb the business of Microsoft. There are relatively newer companies that have found a niche in technological ecosystem because they offer a subset of services provided by Microsoft, but in better and more features for same value of money, although they are in no way closer to being a threat to Microsoft's existence. Threat of
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