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MICROSOFT WEAK RESULT Background Microsoft is a well known is a well-known multinational corporation that deals in computer technology. Microsoft was founded by one Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The current Microsoft products that are the best selling in the market are the Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft office. We also have Xbox, a line of entertainment of games and also music and video. There is also Bing, which is in the line of search engines. For the past few months, Microsoft has continued to show or experience weak result despite efforts by its chief executive officer Satya Nadella to make a series of changes. For instance, revenue reported for the January – March quarter of the year 2016 fell six percent to 20.5…show more content…
On the other hand, piracy is also witnessed in many countries that are developing. Also, we find that strong competitive rivalry creates market forces that actually threaten the development of Microsoft as one of the largest firms in the market. For instance, other companies have now diversified their production, and now they are also offering operating systems and other computer hardware products. Also, the rising popularity of freeware, limits and potentially has an effect of reducing the company’s business. Therefore Microsoft should carry out a thorough SWOT analysis in order to identify the importance of product uniqueness and also product improvement. Alternative Solutions On piracy, Microsoft should create awareness on the impact of piracy and also urge users to respect copyrights. The public should be sensitized on what should be considered as generally accepted social behavior, maybe this could help in decreasing piracy (Avi Goldfarb, 2015). Just like the same way the changing of social norms have actually led to the reduction in littering and also smoking. Also, Microsoft Company should provide users some legal means that can enable them access contents or products (Avi Goldfarb, 2015). Microsoft should also provide users the ability and know how on how to identify legal methods of accessing their contents and products. Microsoft should also implement technical controls like digital rights management, network management, product
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