Microsoft Word Assignment: My Hobbies

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Microsoft Word Assignment- My Hobby
A hobby is something that keeps us busy during the leisure time. It not only entertains and keeps busy, but also offers an opportunity to learn and grow into a better individual. Different people have different hobbies. While some have interest in collecting stamps, some others prefer painting or reading books. Travelling is also one of the most impressive hobbies. However, my hobby is diary writing. I have developed the habit of writing diary at a very young age. I prefer writing about real-life incidents and things done in a particular day. My diary includes both my good and bad. While good doesn’t hurt, I always make sure that I do not repeat the bad that I have done in the past. Many a time, it is common that we hurt others unknowingly. When I flick over the previous pages of my diary, I regret that I should not have done that. I make a point of jotting down everything before going to bed so that I do not leave anything for the next day.
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I consider it as a mirror in which I see myself every day and try removing my defects. The art of writing diary has also encouraged me for writing on any subject or topic. Today, I have mastered the art of writing. Through writing diary, I have developed freedom of expression, which might not have been possible otherwise. I secure my diary in a hidden place as I prefer not sharing my personal information with others, be it my family. I have developed the thought of writing diary after coming across the book titled ‘Diary of Anne Frank’. After reading the book, I realized that the power of written words helps in expressing feelings more clearly rather than spoken words. I have also encouraged several friends to take up the hobby of writing diary. I am happy that many of them have also made writing diary as their favorite

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