Microsoft Word : Operating Systems Essay

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Operating systems: It is very common that businesses use older versions of Microsoft Word, as it is reliable and not costly at all, especially in smaller businesses such as dentists, etc. However, using old operating systems might require the employers to give new employees training as most employees might not be familiar with older versions of windows. Although windows 10 has been released, making its predecessors cheaper, smaller firms cannot afford to upgrade to windows 7 to XP due to it being costly and the entire system would be down for a while, it’ll be difficult to manage information. However a larger company will be able to afford it, businesses likes to use Windows OS due to the fact being that it has better support than other OS, and it offers better hardware support e.g. printers, scanners, etc. Small businesses does not need a server for their business as they do not have a need of one, hence they only requires in their workstations, which is commonly Windows OS, Windows 7 is the most reliable out of windows 7/8.1/10, it is also an OS that has a user-friendly making the interface easy to use. However larger businesses will require more work stations, larger businesses will also require a server, or a computer that’s more powerful than the work stations in order to store resources and manage accounts, etc. The server will run a different operating system than the work stations, e.g. Microsoft Windows Sever 2012, these are only beneficial to larger companies as
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