Microsoft and Windows Competitors

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A lot of people today, mostly microsofties, argue that Microsoft should not be split up since it isn 't really a monopoly; Windows has a lot of competitors out there and some of the companies that make them are even bigger than Microsoft. And that is actually quite true: Microsoft has only about 6% of the global software market and only 3% of the global computer market overall. There are several computer companies that make more than Microsoft, like Sun Microsystems and Compaq and there are at least nine other operating systems besides Windows, some of which you could even get for free. <br> <br>After three decades of use, the UNIX computer operating system from Bell Labs is still regarded as one of the most powerful, versatile, and…show more content…
<br> <br>Sun Microsystems has also developed a platform of its own, whose latest edition, Solaris 8 or the ".com Operating Environment", is said to "raise the bar for the industry, re-defining the operating system and revolutionizing the operating system business." "Sun 's claim that it built the backbone of the Internet is not that far from the truth", said a PC World article in May, 1999. The new features in Solaris 8 software are said to drive the five critical requirements for Internet-based systems - scalability, availability, manageability, security and connectivity - to new heights. <br> <br>BeOS is the operating system from Be, Inc. "Based on an entirely new idea in computing, BeOS was designed to satisfy the higher processing and memory requirements of today 's digital media on standard PC hardware, without slowing down or freezing up." say the developers. It works with audio, video, image, and Internet-based applications, and edits files of millions of gigabytes in size, simultaneously, in real-time and boots up in less than 20 seconds. A very innovative feature that BeOS brings is the fact that each application runs in its own protected memory space, so if one crashes, the system and other applications don 't even notice; all you need to do is reload the crashed application. That could also be
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