Microsoft and our License to License: Version 2 Essay

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Microsoft and our License to License: Version 2

Out in the depths of the internet, there is a community of interconnected minds whose work has been vital, nearly the backbone to the spirit of software creation everywhere. Where it not for Open Source programmers such as those who created Debian/Linux, for instance, there would be much less competition for OS’s like Microsoft’s Windows, and perhaps Windows wouldn’t even exist because of it’s command line and Linux-like roots! This group of talented software inventors exists as those who program open source software, whether for the benefit of companies, for other individuals, or simply for themselves. However, these programmers exist as more than just developers; they exist as a
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First, we would need the support of open source programmers. We need this because in order for any product we make to be worth commercializing, the more eyes that see the code and make suggestions for improving it, the better. (One great example of this idea is the sendmail program that was featured in the paper “The Cathedral and the Bazaar.”) For this to happen, the project has to be attractive to coders: take for example the continual build of Linux. One of the reasons it was highly successful because once it reached certain stages, almost any user could use it as their own self-customizable operating system. We need to have a license, or do something with the project, that makes it attractive. Secondly, we need to choose a model that will give use flexibility with tracking modifications. The last thing we want is for the project to run away from us and take on it’s own major dimension, since one of our goals would still be to make a profit. If one of our own project ideas became a pawn of major competition, we would have failed to earn the full potential profit. Third, we would want a license that allows us to combine our product with other non-open source, proprietary programs in order to allow us freedom in maximizing the product’s marketability. We’ve done this with several programs in our fleet already and had major success; one such example is our browser,

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