Microsoft 's Expansion Of Technological And Economic Advancements Essay

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Lumia 950 STP Essay – Connor Bourke


Microsoft’s expansion of technological and economic advancements in the smartphone market has recently expanded with the launch of the Lumia 950 lately in Australia. The release came with an aim to break into the hotly contested smartphone industry and create sales through efficiently marketing their product to an audience of potential customers within Australia. This article aims to detail the population targeted to aim advertising of the Lumia 950 towards, as well as identify their common characteristics as to why they would likely choose a Microsoft phone over their highly praised competitors in Apple and Sony.

Founded in 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates, Microsoft is a dominant force in the personal computer operating market, such as it’s latest flagship product, Windows 10. To expand business, Microsoft created ventures in multiple alternate markets, including that of the personal mobile device market, through purchasing assets of the former mobile phone company “Nokia”. In November 2015, Microsoft released the “Lumia 950”, a 5.2 inch-screen smartphone operating a mobile form of Microsoft’s operating system “Windows”.

Targeting Strategy

As ventures into the smartphone industry were a relatively new venture for Microsoft, marketing became integral in making potential customers aware of their product. As Microsoft is a multinational organisation, their operations are subject to globalisation, defined by
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