Microsoft 's Visual Basic And Oracle 's Java Essay

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The need for more powerful and user-friendly software grows exponentially every year. This means that there is a higher demand for better quality and more versatile software. Higher quality software that is versatile and consistent was very difficult to create for developers before object-oriented programming was created. The object-oriented programming method of utilizing objects and methods has revolutionized the way programmers create new applications. By allowing objects to be reusable and flexible, this allows more time to be spent on creating meaningful coding tasks with less time coding GUI’s (Gaddis & Irvine, 2014, p. xvii). Microsoft’s Visual Basic and Oracle’s Java are object-oriented programming languages that are very powerful applications which contain many similarities while having small differences in the syntax and the usage of elements that are common to both. Microsoft has been producing software for many years. They have a multitude of applications such as Excel, Word and Visual Basic. “The first version of Visual Basic was introduced in 1991” by Microsoft and is still being utilized to create applications today (Gaddis & Irvine, 2014, p. xvii). By offering backwards compatibility throughout different versions of Visual Basic, it is easy to update and utilize the new features of this versatile software (Gaddis & Irvine, 2014, p. xviii). Visual Basic is software that creates applications by using the Object Oriented Programming methodology. Today this is a

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