Essay on Microsoft vs. The Government: A Mandate for Compromise

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Microsoft vs. The Government Although somewhat ironic, by now it is not surprising when the pioneer of an enormous industry becomes the focus of controversy. Such is the case for Microsoft Corp., which is currently undergoing many accusations of breaking antitrust laws. Some would argue that the corporation is making deliberate efforts to monopolize the software industry, while those naturally in favor of big business would encourage Microsoft’s “survival of the fittest” business attitude. Is this the philosophy to embrace or is free competition in an economy far too valuable to give up? While we do not wish to check the growth of any company, anti-trust laws are too important to be overlooked. Microsoft, clearly in…show more content…
In the decision, a District Court “upheld several findings of Microsoft violations but rejected a trial judge's order that the company be broken up” (Washington Post: “Microsoft Hearing…”). Today that ruling is in the process of being appealed by the state of Massachusetts, while other states that had been part of the original case have more or less dropped out. Opponents from Massachusetts now go it alone to the Federal Appeals Court with hopes of getting the case reviewed. Both Microsoft Corp. and these opponents have made extensive claims about the legitimacy of their positions that will be carefully examined in the proceedings. Microsoft is a growing company that began with Bill Gates’ ambition in the garage of his home. Microsoft “purchased MS-DOS, the PC’s first operating system, from another firm” (mondediplo 11/1997) as a company it learned the ways of the market and was able to buy out most of its competition. “Microsoft has succeeded in part because its management was willing to spend enormous resources to improve its products, which were often poor performers in the early releases, and also because it excels in marketing its products” (mondediplo 11/1997). Microsoft has become the epitome of a company that has nurtured and grown its own success and now is being penalized for doing so. Microsoft’s greatest threat is the

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