Microsoft's Human Resource Management Strategy

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Microsoft CORPORATION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Company Profile: Microsoft Corporation Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management Talent Management Strategies Compensation and benefit packages for employees Policies and practices for Labor relations management Comparison with the Competitors Conclusion OBJECTIVES OF THE HRM STRATEGY To design effective talent management strategies; including recruitment and selection, motivation and retention, performance management, etc. To design competitive salary and compensation packages and decide their major components. Develop policies and procedures for building and managing strong labor relations. Identifying the issues and challenges in strategic Human Resource Management. Comparing and contrasting the HRM strategies and practices of Microsoft Corporation with those of three other organizations in the same industry. INTRODUCTION: MICROSOFT CORPORATION History (Founded: 1975) Key People (Bill Gates: Chairman) Products and Services (Operating systems, servers, smart phones, games, and web services) Location and Scale of Operations (worldwide) Employees (94,000) Competition (Google, IBM, Dell, HP, Yahoo, Apple, Oracle, etc.) OUTLINE: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY Talent Management Recruitment and Selection Training and Development Motivation and Retention Leadership and Supervision Compensation and Benefit packages Labor Relations Labor Unions Peaceful
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