Microsoft's International Financial Management: An Analysis

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Microsoft Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world. They are selling numerous products ranging from software, web browsers, services, hardware, accessories and game consoles (such as: the X Box 360). The overall scope of their business has become so large, that they are the target of regulators, who believe that they are stifling competition and innovation. This is a sign of how the firm has established a large international presence around the globe. ("Microsoft," 2013) ("Fact about Microsoft," 2013) To fully understand what is happening requires focusing on the way the investment banking process assisted them, the regulatory bodies affecting their decisions and identifying / evaluating contemporary issues they are dealing with in international financial management. Together, these elements will highlight how the company was able to grow and the current challenges they are facing. This is when insights will be provided that are highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the firm. ("Microsoft," 2013) ("Fact about Microsoft," 2013) Explain how the global investment banking process has assisted the organization. Global investment banking had a significant impact in helping Microsoft to grow and expand. This occurred when the company first went public in 1986. The IPO provided the corporation with additional amounts of working capital in a newly emerging industry. This allowed executives to continue to innovate and offer products.
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