Microsoft's Non-Competition Clause and Its Effect on Employees

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Introduction An employment agreement is basically an agreement between an employee and an employer outlining not only the obligations but also the rights of each party. In this text, I discuss the employment agreement of Microsoft Corporation, a company that largely concerns itself with the development as well as manufacture and licensure of a variety of computing products and services. In so doing, I will amongst other things highlight a specific clause in the company's employment contract that I deem improper. Discussion Over time, most technology firms have sought to bar their employees from either setting up competing businesses or joining competitors within a specified period of time. This they do by ensuring that employees agree to a non-compete arrangement that usually constitutes part of the employment agreement. Microsoft Corporation is one of the many technology companies that have a non-compete clause. Under this particular non-competition clause, employees must not accept any employment opportunity in a company deemed to be in direct competition with Microsoft when they are either working at Microsoft or within one year of severing ties with Microsoft. In my opinion, requiring employees to sign an employment agreement with a non-competition clause is not only unfair but also improper. To begin with, such a non-competition clause could effectively put the career of an individual on hold. For instance, in regard to Microsoft's non-competition clause, an

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