Mid Range Nursing Theory

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Q1.Discuss what a mid-range nursing theory is and provide an example of an existing mid-range theory that would be of use in your practice setting. Mid-range theories stand between the definitions of pure theory and practice, and "can be defined as a set of related ideas that are focused on a limited dimension of the reality of nursing. These theories are composed of concepts and suggested relationships among the concepts that can be depicted in a model" (Liehr & Smith 2008: xvii). This model is often directly produced by knowledge of practical life situations for nurses and is grounded in experience and research about specific phenomenon. Mid-range theories provide "guidance for everyday practice and scholarly research rooted in the discipline of nursing" and are a reflection of nursing's ability to grow and change with the needs of different populations (Liehr & Smith 2008: xvii). For example, Nola Pender's Mid-Range Health Promotion Model was developed in conjunction with her work with adolescent girls and women to encourage them to model more healthy behaviors, such as exercise and weight control. It has applicability beyond those immediate populations, but its focus is upon enabling people to take control of their health and to exchange unhealthy behaviors for healthy ones. The model focuses on "individual characteristics and experiences; behavior-specific cognitions and affect" and "behavioral outcomes" (Health promotion model, 2012, Nursing Planet). Every person
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