Mid-Self Evaluation Essay

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Mid-Self Evaluation Essay As this semester has begun, and I have begun to adjust to this course’s requirements, expectations, and goals I have found myself taking more risks and challenging my prior writing style. I’ve been a little apprehensive with my writing style this semester and feel that at times I may be missing the entire ideas of the topic. Although I do the work and get a good grade, I always feel uncertain before posting a blog or turning in my final assignment. Although the entire courses topic is nothing foreign to me it has become a challenge for me to write about. The homework reading materials and blogs have been very helpful for me so far in this semester. I’ve found much inspiration for both the literacy narrative…show more content…
When we do participate in peer reviews and reflections I make sure I do not rush my work and am careful to respond in sufficient time. In the Official SCSU English Dept. Goals they have also listed a section entitled The Rest. “The Rest: Regular preparation and participation (includes timeliness, effort, improvement, participation in class discussion), peer support, surprise quizzes: 15%”, I feel that as a student in English 112 I have regularly participated in class, have offered peer support and advice, and have done very well on the surprise quizzes we’ve had. Peer editing has helped me become a stronger and more fluid writer this semester. I’ve never actually done peer editing within a familiar group before every paper, so having a specific day to read and comment on one another’s writing in detail has truly helped me formulate better essays overall. It has helped me not only to see small mistakes I’ve made, but how the reader or audience interprets my work. Aside from peer editing inside the classroom I’ve taken my papers to the writing center and you for advice and help. I think that through the use of these sources it has helped me to develop stronger claims, better fluidity, and coherency. By formulating ideal structures, engaging in peer editing, and creating reflection pieces, they have helped me generate overall better papers. My food narrative had very strong claims and an overall clear and coherent paper,
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