Mid Term Exam: Political Sciences

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Mid Term Exam (A0109493Y)
Part A \ Q1. The top 4 key stakeholders are as follows:
1. Businesses/ Employers in City Z
The main interest of businesses/ employers in city Z is to gain profits for owners/ shareholders. Regarding the issue of wage increase, they will tend to raise an objection because the policy will create an extra cost to their businesses and go against their interests to have more profit. They have a strong political influence because they provide jobs in the city and move the local economy. For big business companies, they may use their resources to influence lawmakers or media to go against the policy.
2. Employee in City Z
For employees/ workers in city Z, they have strong interest to raise their welfare. Therefore, they will prefer to support the policy. Employees have a strong political influence because usually they form the majority of residents in the city and they are the dominant voters during the general election. However, there may be a setback of support if minimum wage increase’s policy results in massive lay off of employees.
3. Labor Organizations
Labor organizations have the interest to improve the welfare of labors in the city. They may have some power to influence the political climate in the city but it will depend on the amount of labors under their organization and how good they can organize the labors. They can use formal and informal instruments to support or oppose the policy. For example, they can participate in the formal meeting

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