Mid-Term Paper

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Mid-term Paper
Question: How does geography affect culture development? There are many cultures in the history of human kind, each very diverse and unique in its own way. There are many factors which lead to their diversity and uniqueness, such as the different interaction factors with other cultures. However, one of the most important factors of all is the geographical conditions in which the culture had to develop to. Geography can affect a culture greatly in many different ways. Geography provided the environment, resources, and the location crucial to the development of a culture. The most important factor of all is the resources which helps the culture to develop drastically. Resources help the development of culture in many
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Environment can be a key in determining the culture development. People would try to adapt and develop a culture according to the environment in the territory. The Bantu-speaking people used the slash-and-burn method of agriculture to create fertile soil to plant crops. However, the fertile soil turned into bad soil after a few years, causing agriculture to be impossible in the area. They eventually had to move out due to the infertile land and even though it was bad for the land, the people still used the method since it was their only way of producing crops. On the other hand, the Zapotecs developed another agriculture technique that was step farming. Since they were surrounded with hills, they made the best of their environment and developed techniques to adapt to their environment. Another factor that made environment a key in culture development is because from it, people developed religion from their milieu. Life in Aztec depended heavily on the sun, and it became really important that people worshipped it as a god and created a religion. Each time there was a drought or flood, priests would think that the god was angered at the people or he did not have enough sacrifices in order to do his work. An ultimate sun god and human sacrifices became the focal characteristics of the Aztec Empire. Because of religion, people started developing social classes. The king was

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