Mid-term Paper

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STAS 343
Mid-term Paper

The Council of Canadian Academies published a study analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian research and the innovation in its business sector. This editorial piece critically describes the purpose, approach and findings of the report. It then focuses on the details of three aspects; weak Canadian business research and development, the firm-centric model in an innovation ecosystem and the key trends that will drive sciences and technology policy in and business innovation the future. Finally it will assess the proposed recommendations as compared to what science and technology theory has suggested.

The main purpose of the study was explaining two paradoxical
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The reports finally discussed a number of mega trends that will play a key role in shaping the policy in the future and will have a direct effect on how businesses approach to the choice of innovation. Those being the emergence of the competitive markets, the increased demand for commodity based demand imposing environmental challenges on Canada, the revolutions in areas like ICT and genomics which will be very influential the future and the aging of the population placing premium on Canadian labor.

The arguments and findings of the reports can be cross-linked to a number of important concepts in the theory behind science and technology policy. The main concepts that will be used to analyze the finding of the report are the linearity model versus the innovation space and the push-pull concept between R&D and businesses. The linear model of innovation describes as a chain of supply and demand starting with science and ending with economic growth. The science acts a suppler for the demand of technology, and technology supplies the demand of businesses in order to be innovative. The end result of an innovative business is perceived as a contributor to the increase in productivity and as a result economic growth. On the other hand, the concept of innovation space or the innovation ecosystem as referred to in the report regards innovation as the output of an integrated

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