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Lin21477_ch01_001-020.qxd 8/26/11 2:10 PM Page 1 What Is Statistics? 1 Learning Objectives Goals When you have completed this chapter, you will be able to: LO 1-1 List ways that 1 Organize data into a frequency distribution. statistics is used. FPO LO 1-2 Know the differences 2 Portray a frequency distribution in a histogram, frequency between descriptive and polygon, and cumulative freinferential statistics. quency polygon. LO 1-3 Understand the differ3 Present data a sample and a ences between using such graphical techniques as line population. charts, bar charts, and pie LO 1-4 charts. Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative variables. LO 1-5 Compare discrete and continuous…show more content…
Why is this so? What are the differences in the statistics courses taught in the Engineering College, the Psychology or Sociology Departments in the Liberal Arts College, and the College of Business? The biggest difference is the examples used. The course content is basically the same. In the College of Business we are interested in such things as profits, hours worked, and wages. Psychologists are interested in test scores, and engineers are interested in how many units are manufactured on a particular machine. However, all three are interested in what is a typical value and how much variation there is in the data. There may also be a difference in the level of mathematics required. An engineering statistics course usually requires calculus. Statistics courses in colleges of business and education usually teach the course at a more applied level. You should be able to handle the mathematics in this text if you have completed high school algebra. So why is statistics required in so many majors? The first reason is that numerical information is everywhere. Look in the newspapers (USA Today), news magazines ( Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report), business magazines (Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes), general interest magazines (People), women’s LO 1-1 List ways that Lin21477_ch01_001-020.qxd 8/26/11 2:10 PM Page 3 3 What Is Statistics? magazines (Ladies Home Journal or Elle), or sports
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