Mid term ch 1-3 payroll accounting Essay

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Mid-term exam, chapters 1-4 Please record your answer in the space to the right of the question (under “Answers”) or in the appropriate blanks provided (in the problems). Once you complete the answers, please submit the exam as an attachment. 150 points Please note that discussing the exam on the BB, by email, phone or other means are not allowed. Exam has to be done on your own. To attest that this exam was done on your own, without assistance from other persons, please print (equivalent to signing) your name here: Your signature: Daniel Pason Section A—DIRECTIONS: Each of the following statements is either true or false. Unless directed otherwise by your instructor, indicate your choice in the Answers column by writing…show more content…
T 25. 26. Employers cannot terminate an employee for providing false information on an application form once the employee begins employment. F 26. 27. The hiring notice is a written record sent to the Payroll Department so that the new employee can be added to the payroll. T 27. 28. The payroll register is used by employers in preparing Form W-2, the wage and tax statement sent to each employee at year-end. T 28. 29. The payroll register is used to provide the information needed to record the payroll entries made in the journal on each payday. T 29. 30. The FLSA requires all employees to be paid weekly. F 30. Section B—DIRECTIONS: Complete each of the following sentences by writing in the Answers column the letter of the word or words that correctly completes each statement. (3 points for each correct answer) For Answers Scoring 1. Which of the following laws has as one of its major provisions the establishment of the minimum wage? (A) Fair Labor Standards Act, (B) Social Security Law, (C) Federal Insurance Contributions Act, (D) Federal Unemployment Tax

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