Middle Adolescence

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Middle Adolescence Developmental professionals agree that middle adolescence is the period between ages 14 16. Adolescence is a challenging period with its share of rewards and failures. Teenagers in this age of development face a lot of personal and social challenges. Adolescence is a period, overall, where perception becomes key. The adolescent years are a shift in the perception of self and the importance of perception of self in others, such as peers. Middle adolescence is the middle or second stage of the adolescent period, marked by, among other characteristics, development physically and psychologically. Many of the behavior and thought patterns that develop during this period carry over into adulthood. Although adolescence is distinctive from childhood, it is similar to it in that it is a significant period in identity and personality formation. Middle adolescence is a period when many teenagers experience systemic changes in their lives. Most teenagers, by middle adolescence, have already begun to show signs of puberty physically, such as facial hair, pubic hair, breast development, and other traits. Emotional and psychological changes happen during this period intensely. It may seem to teens that everywhere they turn is another experience challenging them to grow or demonstrate their principles. In middle adolescents, there is a greater awareness of the control and the consequences of one's actions. Middle adolescents come to experience and understand
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