Middle Adulthood Essay

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Middle adulthood is a complex time period that requires a multidimensional outlook to understand all of the processes and changes that are taking place. The many changes during middle adulthood include physical, cognitive and social differences. Many of these changes create significant stress and it is important to understand ways of coping with the anxiety. Many of these coping mechanisms include mindfulness and cultivating a sense of self-efficacy and mastery (pg. 482). There are many changes during middle adulthood that may require stress management techniques and interventions. During middle adulthood biological and physical changes become apparent. During this time visual perception, hearing and the reproductive system…show more content…
There are also cognitive changes during middle adulthood. There is a mixed pattern of positive and negative changes in cognitive abilities. Processing speed starts to decrease during this time period however crystallized thought does not decline until older age (pg. 456). Working memory begins to decline however semantic memory continues to increase as we learning throughout our older years (ph 456). Usually most memory decline is during older age and can be attributed to Alzheimer’s disease of dementia. Social factors, especially marriage, are a highly motivating during middle adulthood. The ability to have a successful marriage and create intimacy with other person can create happiness. Adults involved in a primary relationship, such as marriage, are generally happier than single adults (pg. 456). On page 456 it states that the key to a successful relationship includes three elements; passion, intimacy and decision/commitment. During middle adult hood, many individuals want to create a family. They may find this task rewarding but quite stressful (pg. 457). As the children grow they provide new stressors for the parent such as independence, risk taking and creating a supportive environment (pg 457). Individuals also worry about generativity and how well they can develop the next generation. The parental depends and other changes create a significant amount of stress that can negatively impact health and
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