Middle Adulthood Life Stage Observation : Middle Childhood

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Life Stage Observation: Middle Childhood
Selected Life Stage
For this project I chose to focus on the middle childhood life stage. “Middle childhood, ages 6-12, is characterized by a child culture characterized by rules, reciprocity, and fairness” (Ashford and Lecroy, 2012). I chose to use middle childhood, rather than using early adolescence for this paper even though the two are interchangeable terms. I feel as if my subject, who is nine years old, leans closer to the childhood side of this life stage rather than the adolescent side. He too me still shows a lot of qualities of a child than of an adolescent. My focus during this observational project was my family friends ten-year-old son named Jake Brown. I have changed the names of the people in my observational study to protect their identities. The setting was at the Brown’s home over a course of three days, all at different times of the day. In my opinion, this specific setting and being there different times of the day are both important elements of my observation. The setting being Jakes own home is significant because this is where he might feel the most comfortable at, allowing him to express himself and his feelings in a genuine manner. Being able to be in an observational role at different times in the day allowed for me to see how Jakes mood could possibly be in reaction to the time of the day.
Developmental Themes Middle childhood is a time characterized by playing games. One of the days of my observation,

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