Middle Ages Art and Music Pertinence to Literature Essay example

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Middle Ages Art and Music Pertinence to Literature
Medieval Times directly follow the period of the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages are recalled as unwieldy times. After the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages raised themselves up against odds to be a time of elegance and class. Not only was the sophistication of the age can be seen being altered in the specific expressions of music and art. The art and music within the Middle Ages brought sophistication, elegance, refinement, and new ideas into the world through beauty, love, and warriors, which all are applied in Sir Thomas Mallory’s novel of Le Morte D’Arthur through the sacred and secular world.
The music within the era begins by mirroring the religious outlook on the medieval world. The prime …show more content…

It does not matter what type of celebration it is; it could be a celebration of love, of victory, or religious praise. This all is illustrated in Le Morte D’Arthur.
In Le Morte D’Arhtur, courtly love becomes evident through Queen Qwynevere and Sir Lancelot. Their relationship is filled with desperate romance. Lancelot hangs on every last word she utters. All she must do is ask, and Lancelot would give to her whatever she wished for with the words, “My Lady it shall be done!” (Malory 472). Courtly love mimics the true love Queen Qwynevere and Sir Lancelot had acquired. Courtly love is a notion of nobly and chivalrously expressing love and admiration. Sir Lancelot could not refrain from his infatuation with the queen, “In spite of his longing and travail in matters of the spirit, Sir Lancelot knew that he was bound to his earthly love for the queen” (Malory 449). Courtly love paradoxically is descried as a spiritual attachment. That is contradicting because of idea of courtly love was not traditionally practiced between a husband and a wife. Being as the Catholic Church was the primary source of religion present this is adultery. Lancelot and Queen Qwynevere consequently remembered for their open love affair. Religion did not play a major role in the story of King Arthur, but direct parts of the tales of King Arthur are said to come from straight from medieval music.
The art upholds the standards of elegance. The slew of various techniques of art in the Middle

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