Middle Ages: The Beginning of a Rebirth in Literature Essay

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Among historians the Middle Ages can appear as a minuscule time period compared to the fall of Rome and the Renaissance, which the Middle Ages conjoins. Historically, it may not have a substantial impact, but it was the beginning of a rebirth in literature. When analyzing works of literature from the Middle Ages, in particular Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, politics abundantly influence the social structure, outlook, and actions of characters.

The politics in the Middle Ages was known as feudalism. Feudalism can be interpreted and understood by a pyramid, illustrated in the image above. Outside of the pyramid is the pope; he has influence over all sectors of the pyramid and complete control of the clergy. The kings were found at the top of the pyramid. The king had the most power and granted large sums of land to nobles. In return the nobles pledged their allegiance to the king, and they swore to protect him and the kingdom. Knights or vassals, who were less powerful nobles, also pledged their allegiance and swore to protect the kingdom. Commoners, also known as peasants or serfs, would work the land. In feudalism, each subset must rely on the other for health and good fortune. The peasants or serfs must rely on the upper classes for protection and a source of income. While the upper classes rely on the peasants to upkeep the land and cultivate the food.
In Le Morte d’Arthur, Malory often depicts the power of each social class. The power of the pope does not surface until…

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