Middle Brain Takes Us Through The Feeling Stage Where We

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middle brain takes us through the feeling stage where we try to relate the smallest things we are seeing in the search results to ourselves like the small descriptions provided of the website. Ending the process with our reptilian brain has us make the final decision which usually ends with the consumer selecting the name brand website. Although this makes the whole process seem taxing, this is the process our brains go through on a daily basis when searching the world wide web. In Visual Marketing a book by Anita Campbell, the phrase visual marketing used in the book is all about using design elements, graphics, and images in your marketing. You 've heard the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? Sure, it 's a cliche.…show more content…
Coca Cola has created world famous commercials that have aired during anything from the super bowl to Saturday Night Live, but these specific commercials don 't star famous athletes or actors. They star polar bears. Coca Cola struck gold while other companies watched it all unfold. Polar bears are a vulnerable species as their population continues to decrease, meanwhile Coca Cola is using them to generate massive amounts of revenue. Americans are known for being suckers for cute animals, the cute scene of a polar bear slipping on ice to get a coke and ending up and the feet of the mother stole the heart of American consumers. Once again Google continues their search engine trend. Typing the word “polar” provides a plethora of suggested results. However, residing at the top is “polar bear coke” this search shows you the history of this marketing campaign as well as images from the commercial that has aired a countless amount of times. Along with these great commercials is the ever famous saying by Coca Cola “open happiness.” A simple two words that have become a staple not only to the brand, but the marketing plan. These words are linked to the ever famous share a coke and polar bear campaigns by Coca Cola. Google is in control of marketing on the world wide web due to its massive marketing hub it possesses. Given they are one of the biggest if not the biggest beverage company in the world, they have still been using the same
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