Middle Child Syndrome

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She may feel dysfunctional, doomed to a life full of loneliness, depression, and failure. The middle child has been stereotyped with these characterizations for years. However, many people don’t realize that there is a real problem called “Middle Child Syndrome” that effect children all over the world. The middle child is sandwiched in between the first-born and the last making them feel overlooked. Parents are joyously experiencing all the milestones with their first then basking in these same events in the younger child’s growth savoring the last opportunities. This leaves the one in the middle feeling as if they don’t matter because they aren’t getting as much attention. While Middle Child Syndrome is real and can effect positive cognitive development in a child, there can also be benefits to the syndrome that can help the child later in life.

Each child has his or her own personality. Typically the firstborn is a natural leader, while the last is always the baby, but what about the overlooked middle child? The middle child can sometimes feel lost in the crowd when it comes to family dynamics. They crave their parent’s attention and are willing to do anything to believe they have it, but immediately close up when it comes to conflict, they become people pleasers. They will do anything to make their parents, or others, happy. This makes the middle child a skilled peacemaker and negotiator (Varma, 2013). They are amazing listeners because of the fact they hate conflict,
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