Middle Childhood Attachment Analysis

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Liz Bayram the Chief Executive at the Professional Association of Childcare and Early Years (PACEY), wrote an article for the Telegraph news paper dated September 4th 2014 entitled “Parents need more support for children starting school”. PACEY had recently concluded research in order to understand parental anxiety around their children beginning school. In the article Liz Bayram (2014), cited results of the research project in which findings showed over two-thirds of parents felt anxious regarding their children starting school and their desire for greater advice on how they can be more proactive in supporting their child prepare for one of the major challenges a child has to face in their early years. Beginning school is a major life transition for children and their families with some children taking this transition in their stride, yet others seeing it as a period of anxiety, uncertainty and confusion. In order to discuss the challenges faced by children starting education it is important to examine the emotional and social issues, how attachment impacts upon readiness for education, how resilience to risks experienced may affect coping with starting school and communication during middle childhood.…show more content…
The report also linked emotional development of a child and academic learning abilities, stating how important intervention was in order assist children at risk of poor social, emotional and behavioural development caused by exposure to both internal and external risk
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