Middle Childhood Development

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Middle Childhood Development Carman Moon ECE 332 Professor Haddy October 3, 2011 Each child will grow and develop, but not all will reach milestones at the same time. This makes it very important for educators and parents to have knowledge and understanding of the developmental milestones of middle childhood in order to ensure that a child is developmentally progressing within a normal time frame. These milestones are set up as a guide to help parents and educators make choices to take necessary steps to provide extra assistance if needed or help to identify inabilities if growth is not matching the milestones within a certain time frame. This paper will provide information on characteristics/milestones of middle childhood…show more content…
He means that if they master the challenges of the middle years they develop a sense of industry or competence. Children who have difficulties in school or with peer relationships may develop a sense of inferiority (Rathus, 2010). Erikson emphasizes the desire and quest to meet social needs which includes the need to acquire new friends and treat the opposite sex differently. A child’s ability to complete a task on their own is acquired with the middle childhood stage according to Vygotsky. He calls it zone of proximal development (ZPD) which is described as the ability of a child to perform a task independently as compared to the child’s ability under the guidance of others. During this age group they also attain resilient or stress resistant status, and defy expectations. Meaning children acquire the ability to adapt to any environment even one that is composed of stressors (Kaplan, 2005). One activity that I would choose to promote language, social, and cognitive development would be PAL reading. This is an activity in which children are paired according to their lexile. They both then choose a book (the same book) within this lexile to read together. They are also given a journal to write in to later share and compare or to complete a task together to share with the class. Here is a list of various prompts and activities that would be asked of the paired readers. Describe the setting’s time and
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