Middle Childhood: Fitting In or Standing Out

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Middle childhood fitting in or standing out Middle childhood is a crucial time when children start to establish their own sense of identity, independence, and start to be more involved in the world beyond their family. When children get older there values and behaviors start to change. Many children try to be individuals, but most of the time it makes them feel vulnerable, so they tend to conform to a group. During middle childhood cognitive changes begin to transform a child’s mind and body therefor having stability at home and in school is crucial. Vygotsky realized “that children learn from one another, their cultures and their teachers (Pg.242) Not having stability from these things will most likely impair a child’s social…show more content…
Het says her parents “play with her brother more.” Het started to lose confidence in school because she felt rejected. Het’s father decided to take her on his campaign trail with him to try and make Het feel more involved and boost her confidence again. It has paid off and Het is doing great. During middle childhood there are many different changes in a child’s life and this is an important time for children to start gaining confidence. Every child is vulnerable and has his or her strengths whether they are a regular child, gifted or a child with special needs. Abnormality is normal and what makes us who we
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