Middle Childhood Observation Essay

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For my middle childhood observation I chose a 10 year old female by the name of Mycah Landry. Just to give you a bit of a background, Mycah attends a magnet school and makes straight A’s. She is a very smart young girl. We will start off by comparing Mycah’s physical development to that of Berger’s in the text. As documented in the text “Unlike infants or adolescents, school-age children’s growth is slow and steady. Self-care is easy –from brushing their new adult teeth to dressing themselves, from making their own lunch to walking to school. In these middle years, children depend less on their families and do not yet need to cope with the body changes and impulses of adolescence. Muscles become steadily stronger.” From my observation I…show more content…
Children apply their new reasoning skills to concrete situations-that is, situations with visible, tangible, real things. Children become more systemic, objective, scientific –and educable. One logical concept is classification, the organization of things into groups according to some characteristics that they share. An experiment that Piaget conducted to reveal a children’s understanding of classification is, and examiner shows a child a bunch of nine flowers-seven yellow daises and two white roses. The examiner makes sure the child knows the words flowers, daises, and roses. Then comes the crucial: Are there more daises or more flowers?” I conducted the same experiment with Mycah and she answered there are more flowers. So it is to my findings that Mycah has a clear understanding of classification. Lastly I will be comparing Mycah’s psychosocial development to that of Berger’s accounts. As explained in the text, steady growth, brain maturation, and intellectual advances make middle childhood a time when children gain independence and autonomy. They acquire an “increasing ability to regulate themselves, to take responsibility, and to exercise self-control”-all strengths that make this a period of positive growth. As I stated earlier in my observation report I observed Mycah as being very independent, and capable of taking responsibility for things. There is also a portion of the text where Berger discusses friendship and social acceptance. I sat
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