Middle Childhood Essay

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Middle Childhood and Adolescence University of Phoenix Human Growth and Development Jeanette Merchant August 17, 2010 Middle Childhood and Adolescence Stable and supportive families are crucial during middle childhood and adolescence development stage. Supportive family members and friends improve social development. The major change that occurs from middle childhood to adolescence is emotional maturation. During middle childhood stage, children develop more independence from parents and family. They understand more and can differentiate between right and wrong. Children at this age give more attention to friendship and teamwork, but continue to be strongly influence by their parents’ judgment. Their also yearn for…show more content…
In dysfunctional families, children do not meet their needs and wants. Parent’s expectation varies from day to day. Promised make by parents are not kept. Children take on adult responsibilities by dropping from school and finding a job at early age to support themselves and others in the family. Children learn to ignore their own needs and feelings. Dysfunctional family leads to self – loathing, worthlessness, and shame into adulthood. Common reason for dysfunctional families are alcohol, drug addiction, physical, sexual abuse, or even bad behavior problems. Children do best when they have support and affection from parents and peers. Parents are major influence on their children concerning religious beliefs, educational plans, and occupational areas. Children need support and encouragement from parents as they mature to take challenges in future. When adolescents are close to their parents and family members, they choose friends whose values and attitudes are similar to those in their family. Given these qualities, children can become emotionally stable, cooperative, and happy. Positive peer pressure improves learning skills, self-esteem, and provides stability when growing up. Negative peer pressure influences on matters such as clothing, alcohol, and homework. Their also have stronger effect on use of marijuana or hard liquor. Peer pressure can cause emotional pain
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