Middle Childhood and Adolescence Essay

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Middle Childhood and Adolescence Development PSY/375 1-24-11 Deborah Wilkerson Middle Childhood and Adolescence Development Changes in Peer Relationships in Middle Childhood and Adolescence Statistics say that in the stages in middle adolescence 30% of the child’s social life and interactions there are a great stage of peer pressure. These results were compared to the 10% that is experienced during the early childhood. They show that they are competent by demonstrating their behaviors in these peer groups. During the elementary years in school, children have to prove to others that they understand and that they are capable of handling the different situations they find themselves in. They must keep a…show more content…
Peer pressure comes from several different directions. It can come from the media, parents, other family members and friends. An adolescent’s self-esteem plays a critical role in peer pressure and often will set the stage for whether a teenager will succumb to their nagging peers or abstains. At this age, one of the greatest influences comes from older peers and their “experiences” with life. Older siblings and friends tend to pressure younger adolescents into indulging in activities that may be detrimental to their well-being, often using status to gain their trust. Status quo and acceptance are important to a young mind. If an adolescent does not have the much needed support from their parents and a positive self- image going into this stage of life, they may be more susceptible to peer pressure. Pressure to use drugs and alcohol are two of the most common forms of peer pressure that an adolescent will experience. At this stage, when a child is coming into their own, they are very impressionable beings. When another peer offers up what sounds like an amazing experience many adolescents will follow suit and give in. Even with the knowledge that drugs and alcohol have a profound effect on the human body, some adolescents will still relinquish their better judgment to “look cool” in front of their peers. Again, status quo comes into play with substance
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