Middle Class Heroes : The Best Guarantee Of Good Governance

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Social Classes: More than Just a Label In life, there are many ways in which people are classified and put into different groups or levels. In school, students are classified by their chosen pathway through courses that are divided into Apprenticeship, College, University or AP levels. In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, the citizens of Oceania are divided into either the Proletarians, the Outer Party and the Inner Party based on the importance of their job in relation to Big Brother. A similar example of a classification system would be the social class system that exists today. Like the novel 1984, modern society has a class system that divides people into the lower class, middle class, and first class. In simpler terms, these classes indicate the poor, the financially stable and the rich people within a society. In Nancy Birdsall’s article, “Middle class heroes: the best guarantee of good governance”, Nancy analyzes the growth of the middle class and its relationship to the success and stability of modern societies around the world. Class systems may seem like just labels but, with the right components, they can create the structure to a better government, economy and overall life. However, by analyzing the size of the social classes in 1984, the lack of desire for change, and the control of the government, it is evident that the class system in 1984 prevents the citizens from escaping the totalitarian rule of the government of Oceania.
The saying, ‘bigger is better’ is not

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