Middle East Beast By Joel Richardson

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Antichrist a Muslim?

There is a recent form of prophetic interpretation known as Islamic End-Time Theory. This view was made popular from the book, Middle East Beast by Joel Richardson. The basic premise is that the last kingdom Daniel prophesied as the ten toes of the statue in chapter two and the fourth beast in chapter seven will be Islamic, and the Antichrist will be a Muslim and likely be seen by Muslims as the Mahdi.

This view has definite strengths; foremost being its answer to the problem this present world faces with radical Islamic terrorism, whose goal is to create a one-world Islamic Kingdom under Sharia Law. As ISIS spreads its campaign of terror across the Middle East, including torture on the level of biblical proportions, there does seem to be events that parallel things mentioned in the Bible, i.e. the beheading of the saints.

Ever since I started studying prophecy I wondered where Islam fit into the puzzle. There are developments that have happened in history like the discovery of America that the Bible just is not explicit about. The same can be said about the rise of Islam. Fact is, there are certain portions of scripture that I believe could pertain to America. Isaiah chapter 5:26-30 is an example. But caution must be used when interpreting any passage of scripture. There is always a temptation to use eisegesis (imposing a meaning onto a text) as opposed to exegesis (drawing meaning out of the text). This is true for the scholar and laymen alike. The…

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