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Modern Middle East DBQ Edmund Burke once said “Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.” Unfortunately, it seems that many people who have impacted the world have had a bad history teacher, as history continues to repeat itself to this day. One of the most prime examples of this is seen in the Middle East; where the Palestinian people are fighting against the Israelis over territory in which they both believe belongs to them. It has been a dispute which has resulted in loss of homes, loss of life and loss of money. However, this is nothing new. Eugene O’Neill’s statement, “There is no present and no future, only the past happening over and over again, now” applies strongly to the situation of the past 70 years in the…show more content…
This tension came to a climax in 1936 during Arab Revolt, leaving 300 Jews and 5,000 Arabs dead, and over 15,000 Arabs injured. After WWII, large amounts of Jews were left as refugees, and on the eve of the expiration of the League of Nations Mandate, Israel announced its independence. A day latter, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon joined forces in order to stop Israel from becoming a state. There were a total of around 15,000 killed. A Palestinian’s journal explained the brutality when they wrote, “They took about 40 prisoners from the village. But after the battle was over, they took them to the quarry where they shot them dead and threw their bodies in the quarry” (10). Almost one million Palestinians were forcibly relocate. The war ended in 1949 in a ceasefire. Since then, Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War the two most major conflicts between the Israelis and the Arabs. The former, in 1967, was a show of superior military force from Israel, launching preemptive strikes after battles were being fought between them and Arab forces. In 1973, Syrian and Egyptian armies launched a surprise attack while Israel was observing Yom Kippur. The war that followed lasted only 20 days, but cost at least 10 thousand lives. In 1978, The Egyptian President and Prime Minister of Israel met with Jimmy Carter in Camp David in order to attempt establishing peace in the Middle East. The resulting document, the Camp David Accords, states, “The agreed basis for a

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